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For too long, the world of personal finance has been full of long words, stuffy men in suits and no taught education of the issues that affect us all.

At Fempire Finance, we’ve decided enough is enough. We’re not here to tell you that you must cut out your extra-large, extra hot, Caramel Latte with Soya Milk, or sacrifice your social life in order to build your credit score. We aim to start the conversation about personal finance, change money mindsets and provide useful personal finance hacks as we go along.


Through our daily social media updates, in depth (and sassy) articles, fortnightly newsletters and resources, Fempire Finance is here to bring snippets of financial advice, encouragement and relatable content to empower women, change their habits and gain the confidence and competence needed for fabulous money management skills.

We’re the Avocado to your Toast that you’ve been looking for (#millenialproblems). With Fempire Finance, it is possible to have your Cake (or Avocado) and eat it (buy a house)

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