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The Fempire Finance Book Club

Introducing ’The Fempire Finance Book Club' 


There are lots of books out there, so we've given ourselves the task to tackle one book a month to boost our knowledge. Think of it as the ultimate self development book club. 


At the start of each month we will suggest a finance, career or personal development book to read. Members of the book club are responsible for sourcing their own copies of the monthly titles (but don’t worry, we’ll strive to get the cheapest deals - If anyone is going to save money, it’s us).


And the end of each month, we will be sharing our thoughts on the book, and we want yours too! Keep an eye out for a Instagram post on the last day of the month and fill the comments with your thoughts - we'll be online to chat with you and so will other members of the Fempire Finance book club - it will be a great way to learn more about money in a easy, chatty way.

How does it work: 
1. At the start of the month we’ll unveil the book to read. Keep an eye out on Instagram
2. You can purchase the book to read (in any method you choose) - paperback, hardback, audiobook. 
3. Read the book
4. At the end of the month, we will start the discussion with a post on Instagram - join the discussion by sharing your thoughts in the comments. 
5.After we have discussed the book, we will write up our review of the book below.  
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