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Personal finance does not have to be boring and stuffy. We’re on a mission to change this by collaborating and partnering with organisations and brands to increase financial literacy and open up the discussion around money. 




We write original content for websites, as well as producing infographics, thought pieces, guides & blog posts. 



Over the last year, we have hosted a number of workshops and masterclasses for women. 


We have covered the following topics:


  • Money Mindset

  • Goal-Setting

  • Getting into Investing

  • Debt Repayment 

  • Budgeting & much more 


Through hosting these sessions with charities and corporate organisations, we are inspiring women of different ages and backgrounds to prioritise their financial welfare and take control of their money.



We believe everyone can do simple things to make a difference to their everyday finances, and every little bit really does count. We provide the resources and the conversations to allow females to feel empowered to make their own financial change. Empowering women & girls is the key to social transformation.

If you are a business passionate about financial education, we would love to work with you.

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Fempire Finance is an educational platform designed to change money mindsets and offer personal finance information.

Get FETCH (Financially Empowered, Thriving, Confident and Headstrong) with thousands of ladies around the world. 

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Fempire Finance solely provides information, and is for basic education only. 

The content we produce does not constitute financial advice & is not intended to be relied upon. Financial actions should be taken at your own risk. For specific advice, please speak to an independent financial advisor. 

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