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A #MoneyMoment with Financielle

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

If there's one thing you need in your life, it is the Financielle playbook. Created by sisters, Laura and Holly, the Financielle Playbook is digital, step by step guide designed to help you with financial wellness. It covers three themes - survive, build and grow. The Financielle playbook is certainly one to check out.

We were lucky enough to speak to Laura as part of this weeks #MoneyMoment.

1. What is the mission of Financielle?

The mission of Financielle is to provide a simple money strategy inspiring and empowering millions to take control of their money and build their dream lives, growing wellness and in turn wealth for themselves, their families and their communities. This is done through our leading product The Financielle Playbook

2. Give us one high and low of your financial journey.

One low would be having to put groceries on a credit card when I had no money left midway through a month, even though I had a good salary at the time.

A high would be the day I bought a £23,000 Range Rover in cash. It was weird, it meant I did things differently to other people. Even driving it just feels different because it’s all mine and not a finance company’s car that I borrow. It’s the principle rather than it being about the car - I never thought I would be able to own a 5 figure car outright ever.

3. What is an early money memory?

My Nana adding up what her shopping cost every day hand-written on a piece of paper, down to the pence, even though later in life when she had enough to easily meet her needs.

4. What is one thing you would tell your younger self about money?

I would tell myself to get some simple strategies in place then leave the numbers to work their magic while you work on building your dream life - which should involve far more than just money.

5. Tell us your favourite money tip for autumn/winter?

Lockdown conditions depending - switch nights for nights in! Candles, herbal tea or a red wine and a warming pasta or “picky tea”. Making an effort whilst staying in can bring you as much joy as a night out with friends or loved ones. Flexible food and drink spend is the easiest place in your budget to find extra money to put towards your goals - it just takes a little more planning.

6. If you could do a Ted Talk on the one topic you were passionate about, what would it be and why?

That we should focus on wellness first and wealth later. When people think of wealth, they switch to get rich quick mode and just like a crash diet - they switch off after an initial burst of enthusiasm because it seems unattainable. With a focus on financial wellness, it becomes closer to us and more achievable. It only takes a few simple steps to be financially well. Ironically, wealth tends to follow after financial wellness, because it comes as a result of some really simple wellness strategies such as knowing your numbers, focussing on what you need, living on less than you make and then putting the excess to your long term vision.

7. Could you give us a day in the life of your typical spending?

I guess a typical day would involve all 3 meals being produced at home freshly, and eaten either at home or on the go. I wouldn’t spend unless it was in our budget, but it could involve things like £1.50-£2 on a take out coffee, £5 on ice-creams for the girls, and really not much else! I don’t want it to come across like I don’t spend, I do, but I don’t get joy out of spending so outside of necessities. I’d happily spend on a special meal that’s an experience or an amazing trip overseas where we can build memories - no question.

Thank you to Laura from Financielle for the interview!

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