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The 7 stages of starting a business

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Calling all entrepreneurs and wannabe entrepreneurs. We’re starting a new series where will explore each of the stages of starting up a business, brining you some of the money moves, experience and lessons you might go through with each. We’ll be exploring one stage each week, although this week it’s all about understanding what the 7 steps are.

Seed Stage

The seed stage is when your business is just a thought or an idea.  At this stage it’s still very very new and may be considered as the 'conception' stage of the business.

Start-Up Stage

Your business has been born, congratulations. It now exists in legal terms. Products or services are in production, and you have your first customers.

Growth Stage

Your business is now a terrible toddler, it’s growing and it’s growing fast. Revenues and customers are increasing with many new opportunities and issues. Profits are strong, but competition is surfacing.

Established Stage

And it’s now just reached adulthood. Sophisticated, established and well respected.

Your business has now matured into a thriving company with a place in the market and loyal customers. Sales growth is not explosive but manageable.And the plus side is that business life has become more routine.

Expansion Stage

If you’re still with us on the 'cycle through the years of an adult' malarkey, your business has just left university. It now wants to branch out. This life cycle stage is characterised by a period of growth into new markets and distribution channels. This stage is often where the the business owner will gain a larger market share and find new revenue and profit channels.

Decline Stage

Okay so it’s now late 40s, it's becoming a lot slower with age and gets tired easily. In business terms, changes in the economy, society, or market conditions can decrease sales and profits.

Exit Stage

Here we have it, it’s retirement age, it’s is a big opportunity for your business to cash out on all the effort and years of your hard work.

So, how do you navigate each stage money wise? Stay tuned for more on the series!

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