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The Ultimate Budget Tool!

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Get ready to Budget Like A Boss!

A budget allows you to effectively plan where your money goes, so money doesn’t tell you where to go. Despite what people say, budgets allow freedom. There are so many benefits to having a budget - they show you how you spend your money by identifying spending habits, help prepare for emergencies and can help you stay focussed when meeting your financial goals. But often people perceive having a budget as difficult or time consuming, when it doesn’t have to be. Tracking your money can be simple when you have a tool such as Budget Like A Boss.

Price = £4.49

The Google Sheet Budget Template contains 6 tabs that have been created to help you easily take control of your money and help reach your financial goals.

In the Google Sheets you will find:

  • Yearly Budget - track your Income (fixed & variable), outgoings, investments, savings and debt over the year

  • Monthly Budget - categorise and prioritise your month-to-month spending by Needs, Wants and Goals (using the 50:30:20 method)

  • Savings Tracker - understand the amount of money you are saving & the progress you’ve made

  • Debt Tracker - record your debts, how much you repay and how much you have left to pay

  • Investing Tracker - view your portfolio of assets and track movements when buying and selling

  • Progress Graphs - use the dashboard of helpful charts & graphs to show your money progress

Designed to be hassle free – simply purchase the template, log in with your Google account, put in your own figures and track your money.

How does it work?

✓ You will need a Google account to use Budget Like A Boss - it’s free to create a Google account and can be set up here ✓ When you purchase the tool, you will be sent a link to a PDF file. The PDF file includes detailed instructions on how to use it and a link to the template in Google Sheets. We recommend reading the instructions before using the budget tool.

✓ When you click on the link to Google Sheets , the template will open up in your browser. Click the "Make A Copy" button to create a copy of your own sheet.

✓ Update your budget both online or offline, and use it year after year

✓ Alongside a step by step instruction guide, the below video can support you using the budget tool!

Price = £4.49

P.S We let a few people have early access, and here is what they had to say about 'Budget Like A Boss'

Happy Budgeting,

Fempire Finance

Disclaimer: Fempire Finance solely provides information, and is for basic education only. The content we produce does not constitute as financial advice and is not intended to be relied upon. Financial actions should be taken at your own risk. For specific advice, please speak to an independent financial adviser.

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