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What Stage of a Money journey Are You

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Like all things in life, accomplishing your Money management is not a linear process. There are ups and downs, ins and outs. In this article, we explain the 5 stages of a typical persons Money journey (remember no two journeys are the same). Where are you in your journey?

Stage 1 – Solvency

Congratulations – every bills is getting paid, you’re meeting your financial commitments and keeping your head above the water – big congratulations are in order.

Your reliance on third parties (including the Bank Of Mum and Dad) is falling.

Stage 2 – Stability

Crack open the champagne, you’re debt free. The stability phase normally sees individuals repay bad debt (mortgages and university/college aren’t included in this) ,as well as set up an emergency fund to protect you event of a rainy day and your income exceeds your expenses (that’s what great budgeting practice does to you)

Stage 3 – Freedom  

At the freedom stage, you’ve got a sizeable amount of money stored in a f*ck off fund that allows you to walk away from any areas of life have but don’t enjoy a.k.a quitting a job you hate at a moment's notice or moving out of a house without a second thought of how you would live.

Your perception of money also changes from seeing it as an obstacle to a tool that helps you design the life you like (cue cheesy Instagram quote).

At this stage, you may also start dabbling in investments (stock, housing, businesses ventures of your own etc.)  as a side hustle to bring in extra income.

Stage 4 – Security

The dabbling exercise to investments is paying off, and this stream of income is becoming more prolific.

Money worries are also at a minimum.

Stage 5 – Independence

Who wants to be controlled by money? Not us! The ultimate goal is financial independence. At this stage, your lifestyle choices and decisions are not being influenced by how much money you have in your pocket but on your wants and passions, giving you the freedom to do whatever you want. We’re here for it!

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