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When Is The Right Time To Ask For A Raise?

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Timing is everything. Asking someone to marry you – you need the perfect timing, sale shopping at Zara – you need the perfect timing, choosing what song to play next at your friend’s house party – you need the perfect timing. And even more so when asking for a promotion or raise in your salary but when is the best time to ask for one?

Review the mood of the person/people you are asking

Don't ask for one when your boss is having a bad day.

Consider how well is your company performing

It would be suggested to check whether your company can afford to promote you and/or pay you more. Best times not to ask for a salary if your company reports a loss, news breaks that a major deal fell through or there’s a restructuring activity going on.

Follow your company's promotion cycle

Is there a time of year when your company typically hands out raises? If it’s yearly review time in November, aim to start preparing your case for promotion/asking for a raise towards late summer.

When you’re competent in your role

To make an exceptional case for a raise request, you need to ensure you’re at the top of your game. As the saying goes ‘bring out all the receipts’ i.e. evidence (feedback) to prove that you are excelling in your current job.

Consider how long you’ve been in the role

If you just started a new job, maybe don’t ask for a raise straight away. You need at least 6-12 months to show your employer the added value you are delivering.

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