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Why You Should Stop Comparing Yourself To The Joneses

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

In this digital age, we always find ourselves scrolling on Instagram and Facebook, comparing ourselves to people who to put it frankly, we don’t know. They have nicer cars, fancier wardrobes and even better money management journals than us. And then the question of ‘how do we keep up with the Joneses?’ pops into our head but this article is here to tell you why you don’t want to keep up with the Joneses. For simplicity, let’s call the Joneses everyone on Instagram that you envy.

Whilst they may be picture perfect, you don’t know the whole picture of the Joneses

We see pictures of the Jones’s but we don’t know the full picture, the Jones’s may not be who you think they are. They may be up to their eyeballs in debt, they may work at the Louis Vuitton so the bags you see on their timeline are actually gifted and free. Who knows, but just remember their life may look better than it really is.

Strive Towards Forgetting Status & Being Happy

Comparing yourself to someone else only leads to discontentment. Who cares if the Jones’s are always in the latest designer dresses or at the hottest restaurants? Although they have material things, the saying ‘money can’t buy you happiness’ goes a long here. Their luxurious life doesn’t mean they are happy. Right now, all we want to aim for is happiness.

For more on this subject, we recommend reading Rachel Cruze’s book Love Your Life, Not Theirs

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