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Best Online Brokers

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Shares are a bit like that high school crush we were obsessed over when we were 14. They look great but we don’t know how to go about it.

Unlike high school crushes, there are loads of online broker platforms to choose from, with pros and cons to each of them. However, our snappy guide gives you the 411 on our favourite 3.

Best for Investors

Fidelity - You may have heard of Fidelity, as its one of the most popular of trading platforms out there. Fidelity is an easy to use site, making it a number one option for those wanting to slowly make their way into the markets. Fidelity investments charge £0 per trade (yes, nothing). Everyone I’ve spoken to speaks very highly of Fidelity and this is complemented by great reviews from the experts. To add to the accolade of awards, the platform also ranks highly for its Research and Order Execution AND has a great mobile app which allows you to invest whilst on to go.

Best Rewards 

Merrill Edge (another £0 per trade site) is a platform owned by the Bank of America (but fear not, even if you’re not a Bank of America customer, you can still gain access to an account). We love a money move that rewards us, and the Merill Edge online broker account has a rewards scheme that does not disappoint. With credit card rates, great interest rates for saving accounts and discounted mortgages, we love an account with freebies.

Best Technology 

TradeStation is the only platform in our list that charges for its services but at $0.60 per share, the incomings usually outweigh the outgoings. And with a snazzy platform making the ups and downs of trading a lot easier thanks to the exhaustive range of tools and functionality, TradeStation is the go to for any tech lovers out there.

Fempire Finance

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