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Who you need in your financial dream team

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

They say having good people around is key. And that filters to your finances too. In order for you to be financially free and excel in your finances, there needs to be a dream team around you to help you succeed.

Let’s think of it like The Sex in The City dream team of Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte. They each had characteristics and traits that complemented each other and it just worked. Carrie Bradshaw was driven and ambitious. Samantha was a bit cynical, Miranda was headstrong and Charlotte was the queen of optimism.

And that’s exactly what you need in a finance team. Kind of. Allow us to explain. In our financial dream team, there are a few key players we would like...

The Strategist

Often the thinker, they will help you review your overall financial picture. It doesn’t have to be a 1-2-1 session with you spilling out your financial goals, mind mapping and coming up with a 5 year strategy. It can be as simple as your financial strategist asking you questions and helping you to dig deeper. . Your financial advisor will work collaboratively with you to analyse your goals, come up with a plan to meet them and monitor your progress along the way and most importantly hold 👏 you 👏 to 👏 account.

The key thing is to find an advisor who is compatible with your personality and working style.

The Motivator

We’re not going to be the first person to tell you that managing your finances can sometimes be hard, because you’ve heard it before. With that being said, we need someone to keep us motivated and on track. Your motivator will continue to push you towards your goal regardless of the obstacles that come up in life. Your motivator will help you to work harder, improve self control and improve your work performance.

The Realist

This team member will help you responsibly implement your plan. Of course, all of the members of your financial dream team will, but the realist will help in different ways. Why’s that? Because realists are practical.

Your realist, practical person will focus on actions and actions only. They will be your implementation partner. For a practical person, the process or the method doesn’t matter as much as the result. If the result brings benefits, it is likely that the means to achieve them are justified (nothing illegal or immoral of course). This is the person who doesn’t care about those 52726 day financial plans but will constantly be the one asking you, have you reached your savings or not?

The Knowledgable One

We won’t lie all your team should be knowledgeable but this one is FULL to the brim of financial and worldly education (basically us in person form)

Perhaps you’re not comfortable about self employment tax laws, or you don’t have time to capacity to start from scratch and learn yourself. This person knows the ish and can explain it to you in an engaging, easy to understand way.

Who’s in your team?

Fempire Finance

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