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Budget Like A Boss Budget Tool - Google Sheets Budget Template GBP | USD

Budget Like A Boss Budget Tool - Google Sheets Budget Template GBP | USD


We get it, creating a budget can be overwhelming. So we have done the hard work and created a budget template that you can use.


The Google Sheet Budget Template contains 6 tabs that have been created to help you easily take control of your money and help you reach your financial goals.


In the budget template, you will find: 


  • Yearly Budget - track your Income (fixed & variable), outgoings, investments, savings, and debt over the year
  • Monthly Budget - categorise and prioritise your month-to-month spending by Needs, Wants and Goals (using the 50:30:20 method)
  • Savings Tracker - understand the amount of money you are saving & the progress you’ve made
  • Debt Tracker - record your debts, how much you repay and how much you have left to pay
  • Investing Tracker - view your portfolio of assets and track movements when buying and selling
  • Progress Graphs - use the dashboard of helpful charts & graphs to show your money progress


Designed to be hassle-free – simply purchase the template, log in with your Google account, put in your own figures, and track your money.  


NOTE: This is a Google Sheets spreadsheet and access to the Budget Sheet requires access to a FREE Google Account. 


Why you need Budget Like A Boss:


  • Track and visualise your monthly expenditure, savings, investments, and debt all in one place.
  • It’s easy to use - with instructions and a guidance video to help, you don’t have to be a Google sheets expert to Budget Like A Boss
  • The calculations are automatic (all you have to do is input your numbers, and the sheet will do the rest)
  • No more boring budgets. Our Budget Like A Boss tool offers an easy yet chic design to manage your money
  • The dashboard tab has graphs and charts to help show progress 
  • Reuse the template again and again - the yearly template can be used every year

Here’s how it works:

✓ You will need a Google account to use Budget Like A Boss - it’s free to create a Google account and can be set up here 

 ✓ When you purchase the tool, you will be sent a link to a PDF file. The PDF file includes detailed instructions on how to use it and a link to the template in Google Sheets. We recommend reading the instructions before using the budget tool

✓ When you click on the link to Google Sheets, the template will open up in your browser. Click the "Make A Copy" button to create a copy of your own sheet

✓ Update your budget both online and offline using the Google Sheets app

✓ Alongside a step-by-step instruction guide, the guidance video can support you using the budget tool! 




Frequently Asked Questions:

What currency does Budget Like A Boss use? 

Budget Like A Boss is formatted in GBP (£) and USD ($) - simply download the version you need.  If you need it in another currency, drop us a DM and we will do our best. 


Are there formulas in the spreadsheet?

Oh yes  - the spreadsheet has formulas in the cells and links so your data automatically flows to the graphs. 


Can I edit Budget Like A Boss?

We have made it so this file is editable - even the formulas. However, if you edit a formula in a protected cell, a warning message will appear asking you if you are sure.  


Can I change the names of budget entries?

Yes - you do you! If you want to change a name, for example renaming ‘Goal 1_____’ then navigate to the yearly budget tab,  simply click the cell you want to rename and change it. This should then be reflected in the rest of the budget sheet.


Is there an instruction guide for the tool?

Yes - it will be sent to you as soon as you purchase Budget Like A Boss. The link to the spreadsheet is also in the instruction guide. 


Is there a video on how to use the budgeting tool?

Yes - check it out here (  


Should I edit the sheet on mobile? 

We recommend filling in the budget on your laptop/computer first. Once the budget is set up on your laptop, you can budget on the go with the Google Sheets mobile app. This app is free and available for Apple and Android Devices. 


Make financial health a priority now by keeping tracking your personal finance so you can reach your money goals and build wealth now. 


Although we have tested this tool again and again and again, we all make mistakes! Please let us know if you find an error, we will fix and reissue it. Feel free to message us if you have any other questions!

  • Delivery

    You will receive links to download your digital products in the thank you page of the checkout, as well as an email.

    The email will be sent to the email address you use in PayPal 

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